Overview Designed and developed for the nursing and residential care environment; the Casa Elite Care Home beds provide safety features for both residents and carers combined with an attractive appearance. This range of four section electrical profiling beds with adjustable head, foot and knee sections support effective resident care. The Casa Elite offers multiple profiling and positioning benefits which can reduce potential complications of immobility. The Casa Elite joins the community and care home bed range offering solutions for all key needs. The Casa Elite is available as a standard or a low model; both bed variants allow the bed to be raised/lowered to a height such that a carer's posture is closer to neutral for the moving and handling of patients. The bed is supplied with finger kits (not pre-assembled) and side rails can be purchased separately. The standard wood finish is Beech, however the Casa Elite is also available in Light Oak and Walnut. Please contact us for more information. **MATTRESSES SOLD SEPARATELY** Options available with this bed are: -Wooden 2 Bar Side Rail In Beech -Extended Length Side Rail in Beech -Finger Kit -Metal Dipped Side Rail Set - Silver -Metal Extended Dipped Side Rails - Silver -Metal Non-Dipped Side Rail Set - Silver -Casa Bed Length Extension -Casa Pump Bracket -Side Rail Mesh Pads -Wooden Extended Side Rail Pads -Wooden Side Rail Height Extension -Standard Side Rail Pads -Extended Length Side Rail Pads -Metal Extended Non-Dipped Side Rail Set - Silver -Leg Section Ratchet -Lifting Pole -Lifting Pole Socket, Right Hand -Lifting Pole Socket, Left Hand -IV Pole -Bed Bump Stop **PLEASE RING FOR MORE DETAILS AND PRICES ON THESE OPTIONS**


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LabelWidthLengthBackrest Adjustment ElectricalBed Extension LengthBarcodeReverse TrendelenburgTrendelenburgKnee Break Adjustment ElectricalPlatform Height (Min - Max)Platform LengthPlatform WidthProduct WeightSafe Working LoadUnderbed ClearanceUser Weight Capacity
Casa Elite Care Home Bed Low in Beech without Side Rails102.5cm214cmYes16cm (Optional)505578571982611°Option available -11°Yes19.2 - 61.2cm200.2cm90.7cm66kg (on transport stand)200kg (31.5st)15cm165kg (26st)
Casa Elite Care Home Bed in Beech without Side Rails102.5cm214cmYes16cm (Optional)505578571979611°Option available -11°Yes38.6 - 80.6cm200.2cm90.7cm66kg (on transport stand)200kg (31.5st)34.2cm165kg (26st)