Dual-operated Chair with Congruous, Fixed-Angle Recline Feature This product features scrolled arms, a waterfall back and elegant wings. Giving you the best of both worlds with a classic yet current finish. The smooth Dual Tilt in Space mechanism is designed with two motors. Working congruously, these allow the backrest and footrest to recline in consonance at a fixed angle. This minimises the impact of chair motion upon your body. Additionally, the ‘tilt in space‘ function allows you to elevate your feet above your hips. This may improve your circulation and potentially alleviate any water retention you have. You also have the option to move the backrest further back into a near horizontal position once you are fully reclined. Ideal for catching up on some much needed sleep!


Size: *
  • Standard
  • Grande
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Key features

  • Recline at a fixed angle
  • Tilt in Space function allows your feet to elevate above your hips at full recline
  • Supported lift motion
  • Option to adjust backrest into a near horizontal position
  • USB remote
  • Side pocket


Dual TIS ChairSeat heightSeat WidthSeat DepthOVR / HeightOVR / DepthOVR / WidthWeight Capacity
Grande20.52121.547383625 st
Standard19.52120.545373625 st