Overview The Pocket Sprung Mattresses contain an effective design which provides high levels of comfort and support where it is needed the most. The mattresses are designed to contour with the users body and are constructed from numerous individual springs which move independently, giving exceptional support and cushioning. Options available are; RMATPS23 - 2'3" Pocket Sprung Mattress RMATPS26 - 2'6" Pocket Sprung Mattress RMATPS30 - 3' Pocket Sprung Mattress RMATPS46 - 4'6" Pocket Sprung Mattress RMATPS50 - 5' Pocket Sprung Mattress


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LabelWidthDepthFirmnessProduct WeightUser Weight Capacity
2Ft 3" Pocket Sprung Mattress2’ 3” (62cm)8” (20cm)Soft/Medium17kg114kg (18st)
5Ft Pocket Sprung Mattress5’ (152cm)8” (20cm)Soft/Medium--
2Ft 6" Pocket Sprung Mattress2’ 6” (76cm)8” (20cm)Soft/Medium--
3ft Pocket Sprung Mattress3’ (91cm)8” (20cm)Soft/Medium23kg114kg (18st)
4Ft 6" Pocket Sprung Mattress4’ 6” (135cm)8” (20cm)Soft/Medium--