The HD Powerstroll will turn most manual wheelchairs into carer controlled powered wheelchairs. It takes the strain out of pushing a heavy wheelchair and makes easy work of hills, ramps and uneven surfaces. Its unique 'one-click' docking station (patented) means that it can be fitted or removed easily in seconds.


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Product Features

  • Allows speed of up to 4mph*
  • Travels up to 7.8 miles (PWCPP009) or 4 miles (PWCPP009HD) on a full battery charge*
  • The Powerstroll can easily be fitted or removed within seconds
  • The excellent PG Drives S-Drive controller features a fully programmable and comprehensive fault management system
  • New push and slide battery removal system
  • It is very portable, making transportation simple
  • Fits most standard wheelchairs up to 20" seat width. Additional parts available for wider wheelchairs
  • Forward/reverse function, illuminated battery gauge and fingertip trigger control
  • Unique one-click docking station for ease of assembly
  • Comes complete with a Carry Holdall with shoulder strap
  • Simple to manoeuvre and reverse
    The Powerstroll has a powerful 150 watt (200 watt-HD), 24V motor, capable of coping with most terrains
  • Maintenance free airline friendly 24V 12Ah valve regulated sealed lead acid battery pack
  • 2A charger as standard for off-board charging
  • Height adapter brackets are available to allow the telescopic bar at the front of the power pack to be installed at its standard height or at a new height approx. 2" (5cm) lower
    *Speed and range may vary depending upon user weight, type and incline
    of terrain, weather, battery charge and condition, operating speed and
    general driving situation. 

Technical Specification

LabelHeightWidthLengthBattery Cell TypeBattery Weight Max Gradient Number of Batteries Product Weight User Weight CapacityWeight Without Battery
S Drive Powerstroll HD38cm (15”)26cm (10.2”)46cm (18.1”)Lead acid 9kg (20lb)8o219kg (42lb) (inc. battery)180kg (28st)10kg (22lb)