Folds for Storage & Transport The NEW Days Bariatric Rollator is perfect for getting around in style! The brakes, attached to height-adjustable hand grips, help you maintain a comfortable and controlled speed. Constructed of high-quality steel, the rollator folds for easy storage to take with you anywhere! Wider Seat for Bariatric Users The rollator is designed to maintain balance and prevent falls while navigating indoor and outdoor surfaces. Easily adjusts in height from 33" to 38" for users weighing up to 700 lbs. The width between handgrips measures 20" and has an overall dimension of 24"W x 28"D with a padded backrest to prevent the user from tilting backwards when seated. Complete with a storage basket for personal belongings. Features Locking Handbrakes Enabling full control of the rollator, the loop-lock brakes with adjustable tension assist users with varying levels of grip strength. To lock the back wheels, push down on the handles until they ‘click’ into a locked position. To release, simply pull-up on the brake handles until they ‘click’ and unlock.


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  • Includes heavy-duty wheels that swivel on indoor and outdoor surfaces for easy maneuverability
  • Features padded seat, padded rail for a backrest, handbrakes, and built-in storage rack for everyday essentials
  • Designed to reduce the risk of falling and maintain independence for users with poor balance and mobility
  • Measuring 20” in width, the ergonomic handles provide a wider distance for users needing extra room
  • With dimensions 24”W x 28”D, the rollator easily adjusts in height from 33” to 38” for users weighing up to 700 lbs