GEMINO rollators have been designed with your comfort in mind. At the heart of this is the lightweight aluminium frame that offers maximum stability, light braking and easy mobility, ensuring a great walking experience indoors and out. Laser device helps you overcome freezing A laser line can help you to get going again if you freeze. With this special rollator you can activate a laser line by pressing a button on the push handles. Through concentrating on the line that appears on the ground, you can then step over it - and get moving again. Adjustable slowdown brake promotes a steady walking pace The lightweight GEMINO 30 Parkinson rollator is fitted with a slowdown brake, which provides additional resistance and helps you walk at a steady pace. Need more, or less, resistance? The level of resistance can easily be adjusted to your specific needs. Increased safety with reverse braking system The reverse braking system is another great feature of the GEMINO 30 Parkinson: The rollator immediately stops moving once the brake is released. This increases safety for you if you experience 'freezing' while walking - when it feels like your feet are glued to the ground. Easy to store away and transport The GEMINO's unique fold-and-click system makes it easy to store away and transport, as does the fact that it weighs just 7.1 kg. If you’ve limited storage space, all you need to do is further reduce the size of the rollator by setting the grips to the lowest position.


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Width:60 cm

Height:78 - 100 cm (30); 69 - 88 cm (30M)

Length:65 cm

Folded Height:80 cm (30); 76 cm (30M)

Folded Length:65 cm

Folded Width:23 cm

Seat Height:62 cm (30); 55 cm (30M)

Turning Radius:84 cm

Width Between Push Handles:47 cm

Rear Wheel Size:20 x 3.6 cm

Front Wheel Size:20 x 3.6 cm

User Height:150 - 200 cm (30); 135 - 170 cm (30M)


Maximum User Weight:130 kg

Total Weight:7.6 kg (30); 7.5 kg (30M)

Maximum Load Capacity in Basket:5 kg