Overview To be applied on the bed, this sling is designed to remain under the user, reducing the regular application and removal of slings for both the user and carer. Designed to provide a comfortable transfer for users, this sling has a seamless bottom edge and is complimented with a thinner padded pommel for support.


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LabelUser HeightUser Girth
In Chair Hammock Comfort - Small 129-150cm68-91cm
In Chair Hammock Comfort - Medium147-168cm79-104cm
In Chair Hammock Comfort - Large 165-178cm102-129cm
In Chair Hammock Comfort - XL170-183cm170-183cm

Our In Chair slings are supplied in 3D multi stretch spacer fabric. The material is made by connecting two separate fabric faces with a separate spacer yarn - this gives the fabric it's 3D appearance. This construction has naturally ventilating properties giving a breathable and cushioned finish
These slings are designed to remain under the user making them ideal for when regular application or removal of a sling is difficult (a thorough risk assessment is required)