Essential Basic is part of Invacare's Essential mattress family. It's designed for basic patient care without the need for high specifications. It's an ideal everyday mattress with pressure relieving properties providing a cost effective solution.


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Size2000 x 880 x 150mm
Max. User Weight140kg
Max. Cleaning Temperature 95° 

The external cover is a polyurethane fabric that offers quick and safe cleaning, and also prevents liquid ingress with its waterproof functionality and features a second layer that prevents liquids from reaching the mattress.

Key features

  • A comfortable design, part of the Essential range
  • Made of a sturdy foam and of extreme quality, allowing only 150mm thick to hold up to a maximum of 140kg.
  • A cleaning temperature of up to 95 °C, allows the use of hot water without negatively affecting any of the components allowing for  easy and adequate cleaning.
  • Polyurethane fabric cover that in addition to being waterproof, has an anti-friction design. Perfect to avoid damage to the patient's skin.
  • A single production size: 2000 x 880 x 150 mm which is large enough and comfortable for an adult.
  • Zipped on three sides, facilitating the inspection of the mattress, and the removal of the cover for washing.
  • This product has a one year warranty.