The Essential Touch mattress is a pressure redistributing support surface for the community, residential and community healthcare environment. Featuring square castellations, it provides better pressure distribution than mattresses with full width castellations, and further facilitates immersion and envelopment. It also manages shear and friction forces better across the width and length of the medical mattress, whilst reducing moisture and by controlling the build-up of heat.


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Size 2000 x 880 x 150 mm - 1631831
2000 x 850 x 150 mm - 60134362
2050 x 880 x 150 mm - 60134368
Max. User Weight150 kg
Total Weight 14 kg
Max. Cleaning Temperature 95°

Essential Touch medical mattress provides comfort and pressure redistribution, meeting the needs of individuals at risk or high risk of developing pressure injuries. With its double-sided castellations, the mattress can be flipped inside the cover, providing additional longevity, and a
more cost-effective solution.

The breathable water-resistant cover provides a vapor-permeable, multi-stretch surface, to promote patient comfort, contribute to skin integrity and facilitate the immersion and envelopment properties of the Essential Touch.

Nursing care is pivotal in pressure injury prevention. The Essential Touch mattress will positively contribute to the outcome when
combined with an individual and comprehensive pressure injury protocol. A range of assessment scales can be used as a formal method of assessing risk from pressure injury development and should be used in conjunction with an informal assessment (informed nursing judgement). Informal assessment is of greater
importance and clinical value.

Essential Touch medical bed mattress is one of three models in the Essential range of support surfaces, providing a pressure redistribution, exceptional comfort, pressure reduction and value for money.

Key features

• Double sided cut foam castellations: improves comfort and
ensures effective pressure redistribution.

• Durable Cover: the multi stretch, water resistant, polyurethane fabric is providing excellent recovery and durability, which helps to reduce shear and friction forces. The cover also has a white inner liner allowing easy inspection for strikethrough or other cover damage.

• 3-sided zip: Zipped around 3 sides for ease of inspection
and laundering. The zipper is protected with a fabric overlap to help prevent
fluid ingress.