Invacare Softfoam Premier Maxiglide mattress is another fantastic product from Invacare. This high specification foam mattress introduces a new and ingenious glide mechanism that significantly lowers shear and friction force when combined with an electric profiling bed.


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Width800, 830, 855, 880, 900 mm
Height152 mm
Length 1900, 1970, 200, 203, 210 cm
Max. User Weight247.6 kg
Total Weight13.5 kg
Max. Cleaning temperature 80°
Colour (other)Baltic Blue

The Softfoam Premier Maxiglide by Invacare comes with an excellent pressure reducing surface that lowers the risk of developing pressure ulcers while still providing a high level of comfort and support. The bottom surface of the mattress uniquely profiles with the bed frame while the top surface remains with the patient.

It is equipped with a pressure ulcer prevention feature – an excellent pressure reducing surface, designed to maximise the body contact area and help prevent the causes of pressure ulcers. A must get mattress for anyone that is considered to be at a very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer. 

Below are some key features of the Softfoam Premier Maxiglide Mattress:

  • Strikethrough Resistant Technology: the mattress comes with an optional strikethrough resistant technology (SRT) cover. This makes the mattress more shielded to damage, thereby increasing its lifespan.
  • Modular construction: it features modular construction that makes replacement of all part of the mattress easy.
  • Deep-contoured insert pad: the Softfoam Premier Maxiglide features a deep-contoured insert pad made from “keyhole” cut castellated foam cells.
  • Reduces the need for manual handling risk: this profiling mattress optimizes the benefits of electric profiling.
  • The cover is resistant to fluid ingress: features include two-way stretch, vapour-permeable and waterproof polyurethane cover.
  • Does not require turning or rotating: mattress does not require turning or rotating, significantly reducing manual handling risk.