With specially created coil-springs, each with their own calico pockets and contained by a high-tensile webbing to ensure complete compatibility with the profiling action, the Kensington Pocket Sprung/Memory Foam Mattress is consistently our best selling mattress. Carefully manufactured with a generous 50mm layer of memory foam and for those requiring a soft-medium pressure relieving qualities, this is one of the most comfortable mattresses available. Pocket-sprung mattresses can be zoned. Edge zoning is the most popular type; the outside edge of mattress is firmed making it easier for user to transfer from and to bed whilst leaving the centre of mattress softer for sleeping.


Bed Width: *
  • 2' 6" (Small Single)
  • 3' (Standard Single)
  • 3' 5" (Large Single)
  • 4' (Small Double)
  • 4' 6" (Standard Double)
  • 5' Dual (2 x Small Singles)
  • 6' Dual (2 x Standard Singles)
Cover Type: *