Overview A strong yet comfortable sling specifically designed to allow access for toileting, dressing and personal hygiene care. This sling is suitable for individuals with good trunk and neck stability and maintains an upright sitting position during transfers.


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  • Large
  • Extra Large

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LabelUser HeightUser Girth
Luxury Toilet Sling - Small 129-150cm68-91cm
Luxury Toilet Sling - Medium147-168cm79-104cm
Luxury Toilet Sling - Large 165-178cm102-129cm
Luxury Toilet Sling - XL170-183cm170-183cm

All standard slings have colour coded edges, so that you can easily determine its size. Blue = Extra Large, Green = Large, Yellow = Medium, Red = Small.
Each sling has colour coded positional loops to offer different seating positions.
All standard slings come with padded legs for optimum comfort. The padded legs are fitted with nylon inserts to stop the legs from bunching.
All of our standard slings are equipped with positioning handles to assist with the carer to position and apply the sling to the user in safety.
Maximum user weight limit of our sling range is 200kg.
Slings are available in different materials for different patients and environments; Mesh - Soft and pliable material, predominantly used for bathing as the material allows water to drain away and dries quickly after use. Polyester - A popular and standard material for slings. Polyester is robust yet smooth, it has low friction which makes the sling easy to apply and remove.