The Multi-Function Riser Recliner is unique in the Drive DeVilbiss range, it offers some specific features and benefits that were developed to help users with changing needs. It comes with 2 handsets as standard, the first has two buttons and is recline only, for those users who don’t require assistance getting in and out of the chair. The second has three buttons allowing the user to rise or recline and has the function to return the chair to its standard sitting position at the simple touch of a button. These interchangeable hand controls are a fantastic feature for longevity and helping meet a user’s changing needs. The chair also has an excellent transit feature that enables it to be moved much easier than a standard riser. This is perfect for those who like to use the chair in more than one room or like to occasionally change their room around. This is done through its retractable castors that are easily operated with the transit lever. This also makes it ideal in an acute or care home environment.

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  • An impressive smooth action which allows the footrest and backrest to rise and recline simultaneously
  • Backrest will recline to a generous low position when desired, for supreme comfort and relaxation
  • Comes with 2 simple to operate handsets, 2 button for standard recline and restore to normal seating position, and a 3 button handset with the rise tilt feature to help users rise easily to an almost standing position
  • Crib 5 fire retardant PVC is easily cleanable for infection control protocols
  • Padded upholstery for added comfort and support
  • Quiet motors provide a smooth and discreet operation
  • Fully padded chaise for increased comfort
  • Retractable castors and transit lever to help relocate the chair (without occupant)
  • In-built fail safe battery back-up system which enables the chair to be raised and lowered in the event of a power failure (2 x 9V PP3 batteries – Not included)
  • Safety Key Jack- when removed it reduces the risk of the chair being operated by accident or by other people (such as children)
  • 2 year warranty on wooden frame and electrical components
  • Maximum weight capacity 130kg (20st) is suitable for many hospital and long term care environments as well as in the community and users in the home