The Multitec is a Self Propel Wheelchair that offers maximum independence for the user. The sturdy steel frame provides extra support and stability in any position for added security. This tilt in space wheelchair is available in a range of sizes, with or without drum brakes. *Please note all the additional options come at an extra charge*


Seat Width: *
  • 15”
  • 17”
  • 19”
Brakes: *
Additional Option: *

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Product Features:

  • Multi-adjustable wheelchair designed to adapt to most needs of the users requirements 
  • The wheelchair can be tilted and reclined to help the user maintain correct posture, as well as assisting with even weight distribution 
  • Offers maximum comfort for this spending longer periods of time in a wheelchair, and who may also need assistance with their posture
  • Position adjustment of the backrest and seat angle can be easily operated from the push handle and can be quickly adjusted 
  • Frame design ensures the wheelchair is steady, whatever the backrest and seat and are
  • Height adjustable push handles to provide comfort for the attendant 
  • Padded adjustable headrest with multi-positional ear cushions and elevating leg rests for additional support.
  • Anti-tip wheels with integral stepper tube to aid use on the kerbs 
  • Long, curved adjustable armrests are fully padded for extra comfort and are Easily detachable through a push button 
  • Back rest reclines from 90° (vertical) to 120°
  • Adjustable height backrest and two choices of cushion height
  • Three, seat widths are available 
  • Multi-adjustable leg rests can be altered in width, height and depth of calf cushion
LabelHeightWidthLengthSeat HeightSeat DepthSeat WidthBackrest AngleBackrest Height Product WeightUser Weight Capacity
Multitec with Drum Brakes (39cm)97-114cm (38.2”-44.9”)60-65cm (23.6”-25.6”)112-152cm (44.1-59.8”)45cm (17.7”)42-48cm (16.5-18.9”)39cm (15.4”)-3° to 36°
51-65cm (20.1-25.6”)32.5kg135kg (21st)
Multitec with Drum Brakes (44cm)97-114cm (38.2-44.9”)65-70cm (25.6-27.6”)112-152cm (44.1-59.8”)45cm (17.7”)42-48cm (16.5-18.9”)44cm (17.3”)-3° to 36° 
51-65cm (20.1-25.6”)33.5kg135kg (21st)
Multitec with Drum Brakes (49cm)97-114cm (38.2”-44.9”)70-75cm (27.6-29.5”)112-152cm (44.1-59.8”)45cm (17.7”)42-48cm (16.5-18.9”)49cm (19.3”)-3° to 36°
51-65cm (20.1-25.6”)34.5kg135kg (21st)
Multitec without Drum Brakes (39cm)97-114cm (38.2-44.9”)60-65cm (23.6-25.6”)112-152cm (44.1-59.8”)45cm (17.7”)42-48cm (16.5-18.9”)39cm (15.4”)-3° to 36°
51- 65cm (20.1-25.6”)31kg135kg (21st)
Multitec without Drum Brakes (44cm)97-114cm (38.2-44.9”)65-70cm (25.6-27.6”)112-152cm (44.1-59.8”)45cm (17.7”)42-48cm (16.5-18.9”)44cm (17.3”)-3° to 36° 
51-65cm (20.1-25.6”)32kg135kg (21st)
Multitec without Drum Brakes (49cm)97-114cm (38.2-44.9”)70-75cm (27.6-29.5”)112-152cm (44.1-59.8”)45cm (17.7”)42-48cm (16.5-18.9”)49cm (19.3”)-3° to 36°
51-65cm (20.1-25.6”)33kg135kg (21st)