The Nevada Rise & Recliner features a Dual Motor mechanism allowing independent operation of the legrest and backrest. It will rise and tilt users to their feet Excellent snooze position Three tier waterfall back design Quality assured

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  • Two motors enable legrest to be elevated / lowered and backrest to be reclined independently to give more flexible support options                                                              
  • Backrest can be positioned upright while legrest is elevated, for example to watch TV 
  • Three tier waterfall back design provides extra comfort and support                              
  • It will rise and tilt users to their feet                                                                             
  • Excellent snooze position for supreme comfort and relaxation and can be stopped at any required position to suit the user                                                                             
  • Quiet motors provide a smooth and discreet operation                                                    
  • Ergonomically contoured seat and back and padded upholstery for added comfort and support                 
  • Two convenient side pockets for easy storage                                                                   
  • Safety key is built into hand controller to prevent accidental movement and entrapment                               
  • Quality assured, meeting all relevant fire retardancy standards                                        
  • In built fail safe battery back-up system which enables the chair to be raised and lowered in the event of a power failure*                                                                             
  • Comes with a simple to operate 4 button handset                                                              
  • Ideal for individuals who have difficulty standing up and sitting down due to restricted mobility e.g. those with MS, Arthritis, Rheumatism, circulation problems       
  • Also available in Petite size for proportional fit to people 1.7m (5'6") tall or less               
  • Available in luxurious Rembrandt fabric with 2 colour options – Terracotta, or Beige    
  • Maximum weight capacity 150kg (23st)