Say hello to the QUICKIE Q50 R. Our premium, folding powerchair is the latest edition to the Q-series range. This ingenious, space-saving powerchair that folds easily in seconds to the size of a suitcase - thanks to rear anti-tips it's easily maneouverable when standing upright too. With the Q50 R there is no troublesome mechanism - just flip-up the clip at the back, lift up the footplate and push the backrest downwards to fold the chair straight to the floor. Not forgetting the Q50 R packs a powerful outdoor performance-punch to knock other folding powerhchairs for six and, with its whopping 50 km range from the lithium battery in a single charge, the dual-suspension provides responsive cushioning when driving over bumpy or uneven terrain. With greater traction, uphill stability and increased stability what's not to love.


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  • Frame Type:Foldable
  • Length:Min 86.5 cm, Max 109 cm
  • Seat Width:43 cm (cushion width)
  • Seat Height:50 cm (without cushion)
  • Seat Depth:45 cm (cushion depth)
  • Backrest Height:45 or 55 cm
  • Armrest Height:27 cm (from the base of the seat)
  • Castor Wheel:8" solid
  • Drive Wheel:12" solid
  • Colours:3 colours: red, green and blue


  • Max. Range:50 km
  • Speed:6 km/h
  • Batteries:30 Ah, Lithium, 5.5 kg
  • Maximum Safe Slope:8º
  • Max Kerb Climb:5 cm
  • Drive Traction:Rear-wheel-drive
  • Light And Indicators:No
  • Electronics:VSI (Curtiss & Wright)
  • Min. Weight:32 kg
  • Total Weight:37.5 kg (including battery)
  • Maximum User Weight:136 kg