The Rea Clematis Pro is our entry-level tilt in space wheelchair offering 25°of seat tilt, to provide a range of pressure relieving, positioning and comfort benefits.


Seat Width: *
  • 15”
  • 17”
  • 19”

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The REA Clematis Pro also
boasts 30° of backrest recline, which opens the hip angle for increased
comfort. For improved positioning, this can be used in conjunction with the
seat tilt to help stabilise posture.

High pivot points around the pelvis and knee joints is
important when adjusting body posture. Matching the pivot points of the
wheelchair to the natural pivot points on the body ensure that the body moves
in tandem with the wheelchair. The Rea
Clematis Pro is designed to minimize
sheering and reduce body compression, resulting in improved overall posture. Crucially
for comfort, the headrest and trunk support remain at the same height whether
the backrest is angled or not.

Seat Width390mm - 540mm in increments of 50mm
Seat Depth430mm - 500mm
Seat Angle0 - 25 degrees
Seat Height400mm - 450mm
Backrest Angle0 - 30 degrees 
Backrest Height570mm - 710mm
Length of Footrests 355mm - 465mm
Armrest Height230mm - 350mm
Total WidthSeat width + 190mm
Total Length INC Footrests995mm - 1470mm
Total Height1200mm - 1550mm
Max Slope for use of parking brake 7 Degrees
Max. User Weight135kg
Total WeightFrom 30kg
Transport WeightFrom 20kg
Crash TestedYes
Frame ColourPearl Beige