Overview The Rise Sit to Stand has been designed to provide safe ease of use when carrying out any moving and handling tasks such as standing, transferring and toileting the user. It is designed for users with some weight bearing ability whilst needing assistance with standing and transferring. Effortless manoeuvrability and stability with the addition of easy roll castors to assist the carer and reduce the risk of back injury. Featuring an extra wide, non-skid footplate to provide a stable base for foot placement and a soft padded adjustable leg support providing added comfort and support for users of all heights. Padded hand grips and push handles allow for a secure grip.


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LabelRise Sit to Stand Aid
Height96-166.4cm Overall Height 69.2-152cm Hoist Reach
Width93.9-102.8cm (Legs Open) 54.6-63.5cm (Legs Closed)
Length 78-106.9cm
Product Weight 68kg (148lb)
User Weight Capacity 204kg (450lb/32st)
Safe Working Load204kg (450lb/32st)
Turning Radius 120cm
Underbed Clearance 12cm

The Rise Sit to Stand facilitates single handed care whilst ensuring the carer is able to maintain close body contact with the user in order to provide a sense of security and stability
Face to face use allows the carer to continually monitor the user, whilst providing support and reassurance at all times
Provides stable assistance in standing, transferring and toileting
Designed to encourage active user participation to maintain independence
Can be used in acute, community or long term care environments
Compact design offering a high safe working load of 204kg
Four sling attachment hooks enable the lift to accommodate a variety of sling designs
Extra-wide, non-skid, fully removable footplate provides a stable base for foot positioning
With the footplate removed the Rise Sit to Stand may be used to assist with rehabilitation, enabling the user to be supported whilst walking
Electrically adjustable leg base enables the Rise Sit to Stand to be used when standing from very low furniture
Soft, padded, height adjustable leg support
Choice of user hand grips to assist in supportive transfer
Easy roll 100mm rear castors with brakes and 75mm front castors ensures stability and easy manoeuvrability over a variety of surfaces. The lower front castors support access under equipment
The actuator has an emergency stop button and a manual emergency lowering feature for user safety
Overload capacity function
Easy to use handset with visual battery charge indicator
Audible alert if the Rise Sit to Stand has low battery power
Includes removable, rechargeable battery, wall mount charger and optional external charging cradle. Battery can be charged both on and off board
The Rise Sit to Stand can be operated from the carer handset or from the buttons on the top of the control box
A Drive DeVilbiss Smart/Safety control module is available to purchase separately. This stores useful servicing information about the lift that can be recalled when required.
• Accurate service data available at the touch of a button
• Optimised product lifetime
• Ease of maintenance for engineers and service technicians