Roma Medical Aids (RMA) strives to provide you with world class quality, design, reliability and service. This scooter incorporates the latest innovative designs and can be used in confined spaces both indoors and out, aiming to provide you with maximum comfort whilst also being as safe and efficient as possible. (Mirrors shown in image are not included)


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Battery Capacity12V 12Ah
Maximum User Weight136kg (21St 5lbs)
Range per Charge*12Km (7.5 Miles)
Turning Radius1150mm (45.3″)
Maximum Speed6Kmph (4mph)
Safe Working Angle/Gradient6° (10%)
Battery ChargerDC 29.4V 2A
Power of Motor270W
Maximum Breaking Distance at Max. Speed1000mm at 6kmph/4mph 

*Passenger weight, way of driving, terrain and ground conditions, temperatures, weather conditions, and battery condition can affect maximum range.


Total/Maximum Length1050mm (41.3”)
Total/Maximum Width (at narrowest arms)560mm (22”)
Height (from floor to top of backrest)810mm (31.9”)
Height (Floor to top of mirrors)1100mm (43.3”)
Height (Floor to Seat)400mm (15.7”) – 450mm (17.7″)
Clearance (Floor to lowest point)65mm (2.6”)
Wheels (Diameter x Width)203mm (8”) x 63.5mm (205″)
Seat Width (Excluding Armrests)430mm (16.9”)
Seat Height (Backrest Height)310mm (12.2”)
Seat Depth360mm (14.2″)
BasketD 220mm (8.7″) x W 330mm (13″) x H 230MM (9.1″)

Component Weights

Chassis (without Battery)34.5kg (5st 6lb)
Battery8.5kg (1st 5lb)
Total Weight43.5kg (6st 12lb)