Owner / Manager of Wisbech Mobility

I have been with Wisbech Mobility since the very beginning.  I played a key role in growing the business from its inception in 2000, and have continued to build the business along with its former owners up until January 2019 when I took over the business.  Over the years I have taken various training courses with many of the businesses suppliers to keep up to speed with the technical side of things.  I have also been in charge of buying, stock control, and the general day to day running of the shop.

In January 2019, the previous owners decided that retirement was due and offered me the business, which I took with both hands.  I owe a lot to my former boss(s), and am very grateful for the opportunity that they gave to me.

I now operate as a one man band with continued support from my wife and family.  I believe that customer service is key to running a small business and strive to achieve the very best that I can.