Coloured Walking Sticks These aluminum walking sticks have an anodised treatment that prevents damage to the attractive surface. The wooden handle is shaped to fit comfortably in either hand and is height adjustable to perfectly fit the need of any user. Ideal for anyone with mild leg soreness after walking, recovering from leg surgery, or anything in between. Stylish Design Just because you want your walking stick to function well doesn’t mean it has to compromise on style. Homecraft Coloured Walking Sticks are the best looking mobility aids you can find. Designs range from the simple and sleek Grey Marble to the beautiful Woodland Flower. Make Recovering Easier Recovering from hip replacement surgery or knee operations can be difficult. This walking stick supports your body weight on the side of the body that is weakened to reduce pressure on the feet, knees, and hips. It fits comfortably in either hand to be used on the left and right side of the body


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  • Height-adjustable walking stick for stability and support
  • Available in seven unique and attractive colors
  • Contoured wooden handles fits easily in the hand
  • Height adjusts from 79cm 102cm, ferrule measures 1.9cm, weighs 340g, and has a weight capacity of 114kg