Keep moving, enjoy living. Wheelchairs have followed the same old form for many years. With a lack of appropriate support, poorly designed wheelchairs can cause pain, discomfort and even result in long term health problems. The Strongback solves the problem of poor posture with a curved supportive backrest and an improved seat angle to prevent slipping and slouching forward, encouraging the shoulders back and the chest out, opening the lungs and promoting an upright and healthy posture. Designed with the carer in mind as well, the strong but lightweight aluminium construction means it can be lifted and transported easily. The push handles are positioned to offer the correct stance for pushing and the attendant controlled brakes provide confidence and control. Other standard features include folding backrest, quick release wheels and puncture proof tyres. The award winning Strongback, designed to provide the perfect sitting position. Product Features: Ergonomic backrest for improved posture and comfort Easy to fold, carry and transport Lightweight – only 25Ibs (11.3kg) 16, 18 or 20 inch seat widths available Up to 18 stone user weight capacity Compatible with all TGA Powerpacks

£550 £599-8.18%

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  • Seat Width - 16"
  • Seat Width - 18"
  • Seat Width - 20"
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Seat WidthNarrow/Standard/Wide40cm/45cm/50cm16" / 18" / 20"
Seat Base Depth
Seat Base Angle
12 degree's
Backrest Height
Backrest Angle
65 degree's
Rear WheelsSolid31.5 cm12"
Front WheelsCastors15cm6"
Complete WeightAluminium Frame11.3 kg25 lbs
Max. User Weight
115 kg18 Stone