Product Details Newly designed canopies with ergonomic two-way zip puller ease pressure on the driver's back when opening and closing the doors. The wheel arches are replaced by a single wide opening. The front section fold away allows more air into the cab on warmer days. *This design is custom-made. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before purchasing. Our standard range has both doors zipped in 'arc shape', making them easy to reach and a double zip puller creates a window at the top to allow you to chat with a friend, reach out to a pedestrian crossing button or simply get some fresh air. In summer, both doors can be rolled back and clipped out of the way. The roof has taped seams to give you 100% rain protection. Our design and clear vinyl material make the scooter lights always visible. Each kit comes with a set of instructions that tell you what tools will be required. Putting on a canopy should simply be a matter of 30-40 minutes of time, with a few basic tools. Our canopies are bespoke and we manufacture canopies for more than 300 scooter models. Roll-up doors and rear zips options are available.


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Product Specification:

  • Size: bespoke depending on the scooter model.
  • Colour: black, blue, red, grey.
  • Arc shape side doors / Roll back doors.
  • Taped seams.
  • Twin-tab zip.
  • Double zip pullers on each side.
  • Webbing and buckles to secure it.
  • Also called 'new design canopy'

Below is our list of models we have removed from our original range due to them being older models. If you require a canopy for one of these please contact us at or on 01945 589509 as we may still be able to supply one. Price and availability of these models will be on request.